Lakeside wants to see the kingdom of God expanded in our church and community.

The church is people, not buildings. However, from time to time, we need to update our buildings in order for them to be better tools for ministry. Our renovation will focus on creating an up-to-date and secure building for our Preschool and Children’s ministries. It will mean our Student ministry space will expand. It will also mean renovating some existing space to create new classrooms for adults, as well as an expanded Atrium.




  • A complete renovation of our entire Preschool/Children’s space into a more up-to-date, secure facility.
  • Renovating the Atrium to make it more open, welcoming,
  • and functional.
  • Expanding the Atrium to connect with the Fellowship Hall – eliminating going outside into the weather through multiple sets of doors. This will also result in the addition of much needed restrooms off the atrium.
  • Renovating existing space to have five new adult classrooms. Along with using the Fellowship Hall for Sunday School, this will enable us to move as many as nine of our adult Sunday School classes into much closer proximity of the Worship Center.
  • Expanding our student ministry space.
  • A new, secure playground in the courtyard area.
  • New carpet and refurbished pews in the Worship Center.


LEVEL ONE                  (click to enlarge)

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