“For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations.”  (Psalm 100:5, NKJV)

That verse echoes in my mind as we approach this season in the life of Lakeside. Since 1957, Lakeside Baptist Church has been reaching out and sharing the gospel of Christ in our city and around the world. There have been several points along the way where Lakeside came together and made key decisions to move toward  the future.  God has blessed and sustained Lakeside at every point along the way.  We are now at another one of those times in the life of our church. We are asking our people to make commitments to give above your regular tithes and offerings over a three-year period. Our goal is to raise at least $4 million over this three-year period.


Our theme for this capital campaign is “FORWARD: For Generations.”   I believe this a great theme for two reasons. First of all, the driving force behind this effort is our need to provide adequate ministry space for our preschool and children’s ministries.  Literally, we are making an investment in the generation we are raising and the generations to come.  However, these renovations will also benefit all generations of our church family and community.  We hope to renovate and expand the Atrium – enclosing the area between the Atrium and Fellowship Hall. We hope to create additional adult classroom space near the Worship Center.  We are a multi-generational church. We intend to remain that way. Whatever we do, we do together.


There is another reason that “FORWARD: For Generations” is a great theme. Unless Jesus comes, all of us want Lakeside to be here in this community for another 58 years. This campaign is an effort to move Lakeside toward our future and it will bear fruit for generations to come.


Please make every effort to be present on Sunday, November 1 for our Vision Gathering during the Sunday School hour which will start the campaign. All adult classes will meet together in the worship center on that day. Sunday, December 6 is Commitment Sunday. There will be no pressure.  Just pray and fast about what the Lord would have you do financially as part of this effort. Get all the information you need. Then make your commitment to “FORWARD: For Generations.”


Becky and I are going to make a sacrificial commitment. I hope you will join us in this effort and make your commitment to “FORWARD: For Generations.”


Your Pastor and Friend


Greg Corbin